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Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care

Coordinated Care

No matter your age, our health is dynamic and constantly changing. The care you need today may be different than the care you require tomorrow. As a family of senior care communities, we understand that needs change, and we’ve developed a unique continuum of care that allows us to serve our residents with the precise individualized services and support they need as they need it.

Manor Senior Living communities are founded on the idea of enabling our residents to lead the most independent lives possible, and our continuum of care is at the core of making this a reality.

Advanced Care

Partnerships with local rehabilitation facilities and long term care facilities provide our residents access to more specialized care as it’s required.

Acute Care

When residents need a higher level of personal care or a more specialized type of care, access to acute care professionals is available.

Short Term Rehabilitation

Access to specialized rehab care allows our residents to progress towards their maximum level of functioning at a faster pace compared to more generalized care.

Nursing Homes

Partnerships with nursing homes provide an option for residents that find themselves beyond independent living and require a significant level of daily intervention.

Health Care Providers

A handpicked network of premier health care providers is only a call away. Our highly trained staff are available 24 hours a day to coordinate doctors visits, schedule on-site visits, arrange medication delivery, and facilitate transportation to or from local hospitals.


In emergencies, time is everything. Relationships with hospitals near our communities allow us to achieve the goal of returning a resident to a normal level of function through world class care and being able to monitor their progress in real time.


Local providers and provider groups are available to our residents around the clock and familiar with the processes and unique challenges of accessing residents in the various stages of our continuum of care.


Nurses are the thread that tie our encompassed care approach together. They are the individuals interfacing with our residents the most. Having highly trained and qualified nurses providing care is immensely important to ensuring our residents are living life to the fullest.


As residents move through our continuum of care, medication requirements can change. By connecting the entire cycle from emergency care and doctor visits to dispensing and administration of medications - we're able to have confidence that our residents are staying on track with physician recommendations to get them back to the highest level of function possible.

Home Based Care

Sometimes, there really is no place like home.

Home Health Care Coordination

Our staff members will help coordinate with the highest rated home health agencies to provide care within your own home.

Hospice Coordination

If you or a loved one requires end of life care, we’ll coordinate with agencies that specialize in providing the highest level of comfort and professionalism.